What are the steps to becoming an AFSSA volunteer?


AFSSA volunteers play a very important role in helping us accomplish our mission to promote abuse free Asian communities. To find out more about the agency and the volunteering opportunities available, please attend one of the several orientations during the year. Dates for the orientation can be found by clicking on the Training Calendar link below.


All AFSSA volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application describing their interest and experience. Click here for download Application

Background Check

All volunteers interested in volunteering for AFSSA must be willing to submit to a background check.


All volunteers are required to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss their interest areas. Additionally, all Direct Service Volunteers are required to meet with the Direct Service staff to discuss their interest areas and potential opportunities.


Required Training

Basic Volunteer Training

This 20 hour training educates  volunteers on the various issues impacting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking. This is required for all volunteers.

Additional Training Tracks

Direct Service Track

For those interested in working with clients, this is an additional 20 hour training for anyone interested in providing support to survivors and their families through one on one interaction or through AFSSA’s 24- hour Helpline. This training delves into areas of crisis intervention, legal advocacy, immigration assistance and peer to peer counseling.

Community Education Track

For those interested in becoming Community Educators, this is additional 20 hour track provides training on becoming an outreach volunteer. This track includes an in-depth public speaking and presentation skills training.

Interpreter Track

For those interested in becoming language interpreters, this 24- hour Social Service Interpreter training prepares bi-lingual volunteers to provide language services to limited English proficient clients.

If interested please sign-up for an orientation by sending an email to If you have any questions you may also contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 512-949-5948.

Available Volunteer Positions

If interested, please sign-up for an orientation by sending an email to If you have any questions you may also contact Leila Grace Pandy at 512-949-5948.